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I Am Here To Help

Most of us encounter legal issues in life at one time or another. Finding a lawyer that you can connect with and entrust with your concerns is an important step in addressing those issues.

I am here to help you find positive resolutions. I am Christine K. Sahyers, an attorney with many years of experience helping people in the Jacksonville area overcome legal challenges. I am dedicated to handling your case with the care and attention that you deserve.

Experience In A Wide Array Of Civil Cases

I focus my practice on the kinds of legal issues that many people from all walks of life are likely to need help with:

Motor vehicle accidents: If you were involved in a traffic accident, you can turn to me for help navigating the insurance issues and seeking adequate compensation.

Contract disputes: I can help you address breach of contract issues, disputes over contract interpretations and other contract-related matters.

Mediation: I can represent you in mediation, including reviewing proposed settlements and ensuring that your interests are protected.

Divorce and family law: You can turn to me for help with a divorce, child custody issue, post-divorce modification, adoption or other family law matters.

Probate and estate administration: After the death of a loved one, you can lean on me for guidance navigating Florida’s probate and estate administration process.

Landlord disputes: I represent landlords in eviction proceedings and other disputes.

Real estate law: As a licensed realtor, I offer guidance on many real estate matters.

Work Directly With A Lawyer

Here, you will work directly with me through the entirety of your case.

Learn more by contacting me online or by phone at 904-901-4564 . I offer free initial consultations.